Pa’s Mexican Inspired Placemat

Welcome everyone to my first blog.  I hope you will all be kind to me as I still have my training wheels on.  I expect to make a lot of mistakes and you know how it is, “mistakes are our best teachers”, I think I will be very clever in the end, (i.e. I will be making lots of errors)? So this blog is all about crochet, but I am sure my other interests will probably pop in for a visit, such as knitting, sewing, horticulture, health and fitness.  My aim is to share with you the crochet that is in my life, to give you patterns and information.

Crochet to me is a versatile medium, where it’s not always necessary to have a pattern, you can make it up as you go along.  This humble pastime has sprung out of depths of the 1970’s to the amazing world of freeform to fashion via the hyperbolic coral reef. It has been reborn into the 21st century and we are blessed with the availability of yarns, patterns and “things” to cover, (be they a car, tree, building, your person or your home).

Join with me on the first pattern I would like to share. I have called this piece “Pa’s Mexican Inspired Placemat”. Now my dear dad gave this to me about 20 years ago, he made it not long after my dear Ma died. My mother was an avid crocheter, she had left behind piles of yarn. I guess this was my father’s inspiration to take up the hook again.  My dad been taught how to crochet in primary school as part of the curriculum in 1930’s Finland.  My older brother learnt how to crochet also when he was at school in the 1950’s, he actually crocheted himself a bed spread in the 70’s. (I wonder what happened to it)?.

This piece starts off as a granny square, then it is continued in double crochet or single crochet, in a log cabin style. My dad would have just made it up as he went, I like the colours that he chose and he repeats the colours to give it balance, he then borders the whole work with seven rows of dc, (sc) each row a different colour.  It is strongly geometric, the work is very neat and has been worked with a firm tension. The yarn ends are all tidied up and it has been pressed. My mother’s work had more of a creative, feminine flow, her work was not always immaculately finished off.  She probably found this tedious and was more inspired to work on the fun parts instead.   The photo on my banner is some of her work she had crocheted for me many years ago, a testimony of her love of handcrafts.

Pa’s Mexican Inspired Placemat

2014-03-27 12.15.36

Granny Square Centre

Granny Square Centre

Stay tuned for my next post and that will by my interpretation of, “Pa’s Mexican Inspired Placemat”. Helena

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